Do you  or a loved one need encouragement and comfort to help overcome the struggles and uncertainties of living with cancer?

Linda Kovarik understands living with cancer. In 1998, she embarked on her third journey with the illness. During this time, she and her husband, Joe, prayed for God to give them His love and strength and to help them find meaning in all that appeared to be nonsensical. Linda began keeping a journal about her personal experiences with God while reflecting on His word daily.

Through these encounters, God planted a seed in Linda’s heart to share His message of love, hope, and comfort with other pilgrims of cancer. First written and produced as cards of hope and encouragement, 52 of her most insightful and personal messages are compiled into It’s Cancer – A 52 week devotional from one pilgrims personal encounters with God.

The message in these devotionals is that on your personal pilgrimage with cancer, there may be discouragement, but there is also hope; weariness, but also strength; fear, but also comfort; anger, but also love; sadness, but also joy; loneliness, but also friendship; darkness, but also abundant light that is available to you.